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We give you more than just knowledge to pass a test. The practical training we offer will set you apart in the workforce.


The foundation and location of our school is Alliance Tractor Trailer Training Center in Fletcher, NC. We have been in business for over 35 years and have 90,000 qualified professional drivers on the road. We have worked with everyone from the FBI, Secret Service, CIA, DEA, and Homeland Security. We have built a reputation as a company who trains competent, capable professionals. Because of that, our training is not only reliable, but also trusted.

Stone House Drone School utilizes the same strategies to set you up for success.

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We are constantly expanding our network by making connections with companies in the industry. If you are an employer and want to be on our job placement list, please contact us!

Our program sets you apart

What program do you offer?

We offer commercial airman certification for unmanned aerial systems. We train you to become a licensed, qualified professional drone pilot. You will learn about drone operations, maintenance, and applicable airspace regulations. You will receive 20 hours of practical training. We also assist you in getting insured and bonded. 

What do you have to offer me?

Our goal is to set you up for success by providing the necessary training for you to start an exciting new career or excel in what you already love to do.

How will you help me get a job?

We create a portfolio on each person so that when you find a job you are interested in, the employer will already have a good idea of who you are, your qualifications, and the training you have had, giving you an advantage over other applicants.


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​Why drones?

Whether we realize it or not, drones are the future, and the future is now. Many jobs that were previously performed by people on-site are now being done safer and more efficiently by drones. This is not a bad thing; getting the right training can set you up for a lifelong career, be it a new one or adapting to changes in your current industry.

Drones are becoming more prevalent in a number of industries, and this will only continue to expand quickly over the coming years. For this reason we are constantly updating our drone fleet and new technology to keep up with the growing industry.